Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In love...

I am in love. Yes, I have fallen in love yet again. And just like how it always is, my love is not for a guy. Not for a girl too. Yet again its a movie. A song. I told you guys before. U better go on watch the movie "Wake up Sid".

o mere manawa tu toh baawara hai
tu hi jaane tu kya sochata hai - (2) baawarein
kyun dikhaaye sapane tu sote jaagate
jo barase sapane bund bund naino ko mund mund - (2)

kaise main chalu dekh na saku anjaan raaste
gunja sa hai koyi iktaara iktaara - (4)
dil mein bole koyi iktaara iktaara, dil mein bole koyi iktaara
gunja sa hai koyi iktaara iktaara - (2)

Its not really a routine that I like songs so easily. Frankly, I am not much of a music person. And so very few songs truly touch my heart. And this is one of them. A song which I can listen to 'n' number of times and still would play it again the moment its over. Anthem, thats what me and my best friend call it. Almost every single day we put this song while travelling in the car. God knows, how many times we repeat it. And with the volume so loud that I can barely hear the cars honking.

You would love this song too if you listen to it carefully. Concentrate fully on the lyrics and Whoa, it may become your favourite too. Remarkable it is, that many songs are dedicated to our chanchal mann.  And so is this song.

Enjoy the song...

PS:  Trust me I am still not being paid for promoting the movie but if my two posts are entirely dedicated to this movie then it surely means something. To me atleast.


Ramit said...

You should get one of those add on's that play songs of your choice whenever someone opens your blog page and have Iktara on it. That should be nice for us too and we'd get to hear the song too ;-)

Renu said...

I also like this song...havent seen the movie, going to see next week:)

Chandni.. said...

@ Ramit - thats a good idea actually.. but it may have a negative impact as well. ma favourite songs may not be liked by others... Sadly.. :(

@ease said...

anthem rules...!!

the Music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy is soothing but Dev.D composer Amit Trivedi's song “Ektaara’ is the one you come out humming after watching the movie. It has been wonderfully mixed in the narrative.

overall... an amazing song after a long time..!!

Chandni.. said...

@ @ease : I also envy your knowledge about music.. Amit trivedi hai kaun...???

Ramit said...

For people who don't like your choice of songs, there's a mute button on most computers. I keep Harshita's blog page open on my comp at times just to hear the Iktara song.