Thursday, January 7, 2010

Can I get them back

At the break of the dawn
Sitting on the bench in the park
Your arms wrapped around me
We watched the sun go up
And the flowers bloom in the lovely spring
The moments that we spent together
Can I get them back

In the scorching heat
I saw you standing in the middle of the road
Licking the melted ice cream like a kid
And I couldnt help but smile
At your innocence that dripped from your face
The moments that we spent together
Can I get them back

Those rains that we saw together
The puddles that we jumped in
That dancing in the rain
That smile that crossed my lips
That laugh that we shared
The moments that we spent together
Can I get them back

In those cold winter nights
When we cuddled together
And sipped hot coffee
All that kept us warm
And we made it through the night
The moments that we spent together
Can I get them back

Then came the sping yet again
We again sat on the bench in the park
This time watching the sun go down
And we spent the night under the dark sky
Only that we did not know
That the absence of stars that night
Would take everything away from our lives.

The years that went by,
The seasons that went by,
All have made me learn to live without you,
But they have still left those sweet somethings
In my mind and my soul
The moments that we spent together
Can I still get them back


@ease said...

yet again, a wonderful piece...
m falling in love with your imagination.

Wicked Witch of the West said...

wow that is just beautiful!

The Bald Guy said...

You wrote that? Yourself?

Chanz said...

@ @ease : thanks yaa... heeee... :)

Chanz said...

@ Ramit : yes. i wrote that. on my own... eeee, m blushing...

Chanz said...

@ Wicked : thanks ... glad that u liked it.. :)

Punia said...

sahi ma.....poem mast thi....

Antarman said...

good imagination!

Chanz said...

@ Antarman : Thanks :)

Chanz said...

@ Punia : Heeee... thanks puni... :)

buckingfastard said...

why u want those days back...dey were picture perfect and let dem be dat way...btw gr8 picture poem synchro!!

Chanz said...

@ BF : Thanks yaa...hehehe.. u have no clue how stupid I felt when I was searching for the most perfect pics to go with this poem.. But now its ok.. atleast u mentioned that... hehe..

Nipun said...

Chanz is doing some serious work..
That was just awesome.
I think u have forgotten me..:(
Anyways, great work once again.



p.s. Being poetic.. Is dis love??

Chanz said...

@ nipun : wat makes u think that i hv forgotten u.. Heeee, i havent.. Thanks a ton dude.. Well its not love.. Sometimes, the absense of love too makes a person poetic... Hehehe

Nipun said...

I dont c u commenting at my blog...
Accha nahi h kya??