Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The timing has to be perfect

I finally saw 3 idiots. Okay okay, I know you guys would say that I am late. But the point is that I finally did see the movie. Needless to say that it was a faboulous movie. And I have already talked about my love for the 3 actors of this movie. But I must tell you that I cried like cray in this movie. No, I am not a kid nor m I an emotional fool. But it really touched my heart.

I don't know how it was possible but a lot of instances in this movie made me feel light inside. I found the answers to hell lot of questions that were troubling me since a long time. There were times when I felt that I already knew the answers but maybe I did not have the courage to accept it or to take a strong step. And this is the reason why I believe that I wasn't late in watching the movie. It came at the right time. And I saw it at the right time. And hence it has made me gain back the lost confidence in the saying, "All good things happen to good people". I am good..!! Therefore, Good things are bound to happen. Indeed..!!

"Everything that happens, happens for the good"

I am a strong believer of this age old saying. But I like to be ahead of others and so I also added some meaningful words to the above saying:

"Everything that happens, happens for the good.
And these things happen at the time when you need them the most"

And so was the case with this movie. Perfect timing. (wink wink)

Yes, there is a lot of truth attached to this statement. Close your eyes and repeat this in your mind. Relate it to those times when you felt low, when things weren't going the way you had expected them to go. When you had cursed your fate and had cried buckets over all the things happening to you. Remember when you had spent those sleepless night figuring out what must be your next step. Now imagine how your life would have been if these things would have happened at some other time than at the time they originally happened. Just imagine, would you have learnt the same lesson if the timing would have been different.

When I look back and remember all the good things that happened to me (mind you, the good things include the things which I had once termed as bad), I get this weird feeling, a sense of satisfaction. I feel relieved that those things happened 'coz everytime something bad happened, I learnt my lesson. A lesson which I otherwise wouldn't have learnt.

So, the point here is that God has given us all a fate. A fate which is like a recipe. Happiness, Sadness, Excitement, Sacrifice, Dissapointment, Hope, Love, Anger, Hatred, and the like are the ingredients. And God has very clearly mentioned  in the recipe, the amount of ingredients to be put in and the time they have to be mixed, sought, marinated, grinded and baked.

It is best not to worry about how it will taste 'coz that is what depends on how well you have understood the recipe.


oRange* said...

aah, modified version ..i like :)

HaRy!! said...

have'nt seen the movie yet, guess that makes me the late comer than yu!!, luvd the last line v v much :) ..the recipe matters is'nt it :) ! cya around..wishes

buckingfastard said...

ahh beg to differ....hated da movie...and if u think i m som obnoxious amir hater...no..i admire amir..still i m ardent follower of da buk version!!!

and i havnt received my enlightenment in life till now...so "gud things happens to only those who r capable to give bad shit to oders..me and darwin agreed on this"

buckingfastard said...

u have been tagged :)

Chanz said...

@ BF : U will be killed. And I will kill you for not liking the movie. :P

Chanz said...

@ Orange : Thanks girl.. :)

Chanz said...

@ hARY : Thanks... :) I didnt know that I could write this..

Chanz said...

@ Bf : Thanks for the tag dude... :)