Monday, January 4, 2010

Resolutions, anyone..??

I have been reading a lot of resolutions made by hell lot of fellow bloggers these days. Some were very seriously written and some were written with the intention of making it hilarious and fun to read. I too had thought of writing a long list of resolutions that I have always had over the years and somehow (like everyone else) I could not follow them for more than a week. Though it was always fun to jot them down and eventually strike them out one by one till none are left to follow. However, this time its not the same. This time its different.

I have no resolutions this time

Not even to loose weight.

I don't want to think. Life is so terribly complicated at this particular time that I don't want to waste time in de-puzzling (if that word exists) it.

Thats not how I am. I am just not feeling myself. Not inside. Not outside. Thats not how I would have spent my new year. True it is that I have always cried on the 1st of January every year without fail. Every year something creeps in my life that makes me shed buckets of tears. But this time it was different. I didn't cry. Not a drop came out. I just kept myself away from everybody on 31st December and 1st January. I so wanted to go out and have fun on 31st. I really wanted to dance like I never had. I wanted to back in form. But I was scared of a lot of things. Tears, to be the most important.

So, the point is that I have no resolutions this year.

Maybe I will take life as it comes. Maybe I will just lossen my grasp and let go. Maybe I would not expect anything from anyone.

The irony here is these are my resolutions.


oRange* said...

ditto! i feel the exact same thing.

Ankit said...

ok mam.. u wld nt understand d following rite nw.. bt i m wid u in this wid all possiblities..plz be clear.. i dont wnt 2 help u bt only wnt 2 support u..wld try my level best 2 enable u tread ur own path whenever required.. in my own way.. 2 my own maximum possible extent.. widout hindering ur privacy..ur thought process..

Happy New Year
(nd i mean it for u wid a true heart nd wid full confidence in u)

Nipun said...

Yes, No new resolutions is the resolution for this year....:)
How better could dat be put in words....:)
Kudos to madam Chanz..:)
Cheers for life and New year.


p.s. Even if u remove that irony line, it makes sense..

buckingfastard said...

u dint cried??? and ur sad about dat??!! and in near future u will cry thinking abt why u dint cried in da 1st place!!

my new year resolution: understanding female philosophy

Chanz said...

@ Nipun: you are one of the intelligent guys in the lot.. you would have understood it anyways. That line is for the dumb like me.. :P

Chanz said...

@ BF : I can assure you (infact i'll make sure) that you wont (read it as don't) understand women.. Thats ma guarantee.. :P

Jaggu said...

Happy new year. Nice blog you have got. I have one resolution of not worrying too much abt anything. And I welcome to my blog.

Nipun said...

thnx madam chanz.