Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back to Delhi

I descended down the stairs. It was 17 degrees outside. Even though the sun was shining bright, I could feel a cold wave brush against me. That made me smile for I was back to my own city. My own delhi. I turned back and in my own way, I thanked the airplane, standing in front of me, for bringing me back from Baroda. Not that I didn't like Baroda. I loved that city. I loved the people. And yes, I loved the houses (well that is what I had been eyeing all the while.) Dont be surprised if I decide to marry a guy who has a huge beautiful house. Talking of guys, I must tell you about the chap who was on plane. Well, when I am saying that he was on plane I mean he was one amongst the cabin crew. Needless to say that the point of me mentioning him is ofcourse that he was amazingly handsome. (To my guy friends: Dont be jealous 'coz I am still yours. And to my girl friends: Don't be jealous either, especially if I tell you that he smiled at me). Lol

On a serious note, the wedding was simply amazing. I was from the bride's side. She married an Irish guy. So all the people who were from his side were foreigners. It was beautiful to see them be a part of the traditional Indian wedding. I talked to a few of them and the women looked extremely impressed at the varied colour choices they got. They were happy to wear the Indian traditional dresses like lehenga and sarees. Some of them looked really nice especially the ones who did not have a flat butt (girls with big butts and a curvy figure look much better than those whithout these). And ofcourse they were extremely fair, so that is an icing on the cake.

And yeah. I have to tell you about the wedding. The baraat just had firangs. Obviously they didn't know what to do in the baraat so they just walked silently until my brother took the initiative and started dancing. The firangs followed suit. And whoaaa.. The baraat had all white men and women dancing to the tunes of bollywood songs with their thumkas and jhatkas. Trust me, it was a site to watch them dance. You couldn't help but laugh.

Now let me leave the Irish and the Americans for a while and lets talk about the Gujratis now (though I know I will be back talking about them). Well, have you ever heard of a baraat without the dhol. That is what happens in a Gujrati wedding. They play recorded music with speakers all over the place. God, that was incredible (maybe different). While we stood inside for receiving the baraat, the firangs loved dancing to those popular (and not so popular) songs.
Basically the wedding was quite different than those in Delhi. We reached the venue at around 5:30 and by 7:15, everything was done. Absolutely everything and the reception bagan sharp at 7:30. If it had been Delhi, the guests would have kept pouring in till 10 or maybe even 11. And I have to tell you that the wedding was very simple. Even though the gujjus are awesomely rich, their weddings are much simpler than the punjabi weddings. If I have to say it in simple words, I would say that gujrati weddings do not have show sha baazi unlike the punjabi weddings. They have their own unique style of showing off their money. When you go to a place like Baroda, you must not miss the houses and their lawns. Frankly, you cannot have such houses and such beautiful lawns in Delhi. Maybe the climate and the soil there are best for growing plants. I do not have much knowledge about this so I better not comment. But I must appreciate their choice of plants. Incredible.

You know what. The king and the queen of Baroda too had come to attend the wedding. It was amazing to see them there. Not that they looked or dressed like one, but when I heard about them it made me look up to them. Ofcourse I started noticing them thereon. They looked like just another guest at the wedding. (I don't know why am I telling you this). Simple clothes, simple jewellery.  Ranjit Singh Gaekwad and Shivangi Gaekwad. The present king and queen. Their daughter has married a commoner. But their daughter in law was amazingly beautiful. She looked stunning in a very simple green saree and a diamond set. It felt nice to see them at the wedding. I was told that they came at the wedding when my brother got married 13 years ago. And I remember going to their palace. I really wanted to go this time too but we were short on time.

There is a lot to tell you guys.

I will keep posting.



SiD said...

hey yup...guju marriages are always full of foods..awesome foods.

and welcome back 2 delhi...:D

Shivani said...

hey kem chho?
majaa maa? :-P

Great and realistic description of a Gujju shaadi... how was the the food? hehe :D

Chanz said...

Thanks sid.. I loved the food there. But the houses were much bettr than the food.... heeeeeeee

Chanz said...

@ Shivani : You know what, the food was low calorie. There was hardly any oil in it. (lets not talk about the amount of cheese there was, I love cheese so don't bother). But yes, the food was utterly enjoyable.

desigheeandcoffee said...

I know exactly what you mean by Gujjus being bang on time for their weddings and shit. I mean who is all that organized?

Good to have you back. We want to see videos of the gora's dancing!

Plus I know how awful the loudspeakers are! I hate them Give me Dhols anyday! Anyday I tell you!

desigheeandcoffee said...

And seriously the food was horrible! They have no ghee in it! It's like having boiled everything without any ghee! Grrhhhh!

Chanz said...

Hahaha... u bet Ramit. But i loved the oil free food. It tasted yumm. Trust me. Infact, there was a touch of continental food to their gujrati style dishes. In other words, the dishes were gujrati but they tasted like continental. I dont really know what they are called but they did taste good.

And i love the dhols too. groovy..

Shivani said...

Any music that makes your foot tap is it Dhol (which is like awesome) or peppy music.

Hmmm.. food.. Oil free sounds nice.
You can get an oil overdose in all the punjabi weddings, so I'm sure it must've been good to eat oil free gujrati khana.

desigheeandcoffee said...

Oil free food is for the kittens! Meow! I want my butter anyday! Loads of it too!

desigheeandcoffee said...

***** Some of them looked really nice especially the ones who did not have a flat butt (girls with big butts and a curvy figure look much better than those whithout these). And ofcourse they were extremely fair, so that is an icing on the cake.*****

Curves are good. I agree. But big butts? Er... I beg to differ. It also depends on big a butt it is. If it's just big enough to...

Er... Sorry.

Since when did you start to look at women's butts Chandni?

Hey Rammmm! Ghor KalJug!

Renu said...

loved the post, I like reading about celebrations..some firangs look really good in Indain dresses, I saw in Zurich in an Iscon people dressed in Indian dresss and making Pooris and all..women were looking beautiful:)

I think all dresses look good on slim girls and flat tummy:)

Shivani said...

Certain dresses look good on slim girls (not skinny) but
Indian wear (like saree) looks good on a voluptuous body.

On Big butts.. like Ramit said, depends on how big the butts are.

Skinny looks good only on TV screen. Women who are fit are more attractive, being slim or plump comes second.

There was a survey I saw on tv the other day - Out of Kareena, Katrina and Sushmita, who looks the hottest in a saree.
Sushmita got the maximum votes coz she's got THE assets.

Imagine a saree on a flat chest and butt.
Foreigners who wear sarees do not look beautiful because of the saree. Its because of the way they are, their attitude and the simple reason that they're wearing an Indian dress. They look cute, not beautiful.

Swati Jain said...

Welcum back To del..

Well Delhi marriage r beyond comparison wd my state marriage..

but it z gud to c d culture in other states..isnt?

chitz said...

welcom bac dearie..hope u r in good spirits now..

Chanz said...

Introducing, first time on my blog, with a bog round of applause please welcome the famous duo..tom and jerry... Its an honour to have you both here. Ramit and Shivani.. Tom and jerry.. :P

@ tom : yes, i notice women. And i love doing that. ofcourse, the size of the butt really matters. If it is too huge then ofcourse they look aaarrggghhh awful.. And what are you doing there, not keeping an eye on the women.. What. Big bro, get a life. Look out for some nice butts.. :P

@ jerry : Thanks for saving my skin from this Ramit guy. He can be a pain at times. Ufffffff... If he thinks that oil free food is for kittens then lets scratch his big bald head with our paws... We are coming to get you Ramit.

Chanz said...

@ Renu : Yeah i know. Flat tummy is ok but for a saree you do need a little heavy back.

Chanz said...

@ Chitz : yeah sweety. I am a bit better.. Infact a lot better. I think it was a good idea to take a break.. :)

Chanz said...

Hi swati. Welcome to my blog. :)

Yeah i agree. I had a time of my life. The celebrations kept me really engrossed. It exciting to know about different cultures...

Shivani said...

Thank you .. its an honour to be here. :-P

Chandni, the idea of scratching Tom's head isn't good.. You see he's bald and he has dandruff.. our nails will be filled with his scalp peel (dandruff)... ewww...

We have to think of something else to teach him a lesson ;-)

Chanz said...

yeah..ummm...maybe we can just throw tomatoes at him.. :P

HaRy!! said...

Must say Chanz...truely enjoyed your post.... Irish touch... how was the beer in the wedding :D ..just kidding!! wud love to hear more from yu!!and boy the King and Queen, now i can imagine...but you could have posted some pictures :( !

Sorcerer said...

my gujrathi friend of mine is getting married soon.

I told him, I would dance at ze function..
he said: "I dont know if the court would appreciate you dancing at their premises"

you see..
nyway... nice read and nice to know that you had a rwaking time

buckingfastard said...

:X dunt jump and all...dose cabin crew guys get paid to smile at evryone(**red wid jealousy)

u had irish guys in marriage and u r still interested marrying gujjus....sheesh!!!

stop eyeing the diamond set of king's daughter in law...and dare not steal it...!!!