Thursday, December 17, 2009

BEWARE.. Dont lend happiness

Whoever said that happiness comes in a complete package is terribly wrong. And the person who said that happiness comes to those who are lucky, must be ignorant of what happiness is. Well, I guess that happiness comes to those who are unlucky. I am a lucky girl, thats what everybody says. But happiness doesnt come so easily.

Oflate, I have noticed that no matter what I do to make others happy, it backfires and leaves me upset. I try to make one person happy, inturn I end up making the other person sad. This is not something new that is happening. But its been going on since forever..

There is a marriage counselor i know. She is just an aquaintance. I came to know that she had an awful marriage. Her husband used to beat her up. Her in-laws were against her. Her marriage ended in a divorce. And she is now a marriage counselor.

Then there are the reiki healers. They are supposed to give you peace of mind by instilling positive energy in you. They are the ones who take the negative energy out of you. Thats what everybody knows about them. But the reality is that they have to face the turmoil of that negativity, all alone. Mental instability is what they get after providing stability to others.

The astrologers (who are considered to be frauds by most people). They tell you (or rather warn you) about all the bad things that could possibly hapen to you and thereby tell you ways to minimise the effects of the so called 'bad phase'. But have you ever wondered why they cannot predict anything about themselves correctly.

The point I want to make here is that those who lend happiness to others, they tend to be the most unhappy of the lot.

Lets, for a minute, forget all these professional counselors, reiki masters, astrologers, and even the doctors and the like. Lets just concentrate on our own selves. In our daily lives. That happens with everybody. I think so. And I am not different. Or maybe I am 'coz people keep telling me that I am quite different. I call myself lucky. Lucky without any happiness. Lucky. Thats what I am.

You know what.. (Actually I had promised myself that I will keep this post general and not talk about my sorrows but I just can't control and I don't want the flow of my feelings to break). Back to the point, I was telling you about my unhappiness. Well, no matter how much I try to make the others happy, I always leave one or the other person sad. And that one person makes my life hell in making me realise that the happiness that I so wishfully imparted was a wrong decision. And when I do something good to make up for the one who unknowingly became a victim of my happiness-turned-sour, it makes a third person sad. And the vicious cycle continues. And I am the one who suffers the assault.

But then life goes on. We keep walking down the lane hoping that i will be happy and the people around m will be happy with what I do for them.




Anonymous said...

hey relax chandni.. you know its a fact universally known that you can't make everyone happy at the same time. Just be proud of yourself that you're atleast trying it. Otherwise people just look for an excuse to disturb and upset others.

Chanz said...

I know. But I am not trying to make everybody happy at the same time. What happens id that lets say I did something for a friend, then another fiend (who should not be moved by what i did) reacts in a bad way as if i have made a blunder. Well actually the example is nowhere near what is actually happening so I gave the example of how it could be..

lets see wat happens.. Dont know who will be happy and whom will I upset next time..

Saurabh Panshikar said...

Whenever you feel confused, just close your eyes, and say I'm the best.... F the rest!
At the end of the day you realize, it really doesn't matter how many, but WHO you made happy.

Quality over Quantity... always!

BTW: I'm a reiki healer... Let me know if you need some.

Nipun said...

How varying moods??
Kudos to miss Chandni that u can equally write well on everythng that comes your way.
Dont get disheartened at such things.
Everything will be f9.
just keep ur fingers crossed.
And den u have some ppl who can pray for u..*wink*

U rok!!


Chanz said...

@ Saurabh : Good to know that you are a reiki healer. You are doing a great job. I would have asked you to help me but I shouldn't. I have heard that reiki doesn't heal unless the person being healed gives something in return. Even if is Rs5. But you have to give something to the healer. Otherwise it would leave the healer unstable and may create havoc in his mind.

But thanks anyways.

Chanz said...

@ Nipun : Thanks dude. :) you are really a mood lifter.. :)