Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wedding Season

Yesterday, I went to this wedding of a friend. Not exactly a friend. But my friend's brother was getting married. And it was yesterday that I came to know what lovely people exist on this earth. Really. I mean it. Well actually, I was feeling a bit out of place. Among all the relatives, I was the only friend (the groom's brother's friend). To top it all, I was meeting his family for the first time. In the beginning, I felt awkward. But thanks to his family, I loved every second of those few hours that I spent there. Well, don't take me wrong here. I am not exaggerating. Trust me, they are really nice people.

My friend wasn't even taking me home but I forced him to take me. The thing is that I love shaadi ka ghar. Some people find it weird but I enjoy it the most. People getting super busy, running around, guests pouring in at weird times, one person shouting at the other, everybody getting restless, no body has time, no body knows what is to be done next. It is more more than this but I think I am out of practice (Please dont mind, sometimes I can be very bad at jokes. I am sure you will read it again and see if it really was a joke. Sowie..). But thats the truth actually. I went to a wedding after a long long time. I mean, I just go in as a guest, have dinner, click photographs with the bride and the groom and come back). But this was different.

I don't know but being a part of the wedding chores made me so excited that I couldn't sleep the night before. The last time I got into these kinda celebrations was about....mmm.... lemme see... 8 years back. We have not had a wedding so close in the family (or friends). 2-3 of my cousins got married but I always had exams during that time so my folks made me stay back and study. Thats the reason why this wedding was so different. I had no exams. :D

So, I was telling you guys about the lovely people I was surrounded by. My friend's parents are amazing. His mother was literally taking care of me as if I was a small girl who has got lost in a new place. Well, I was feeling lost but when she first gave me that smile, I was so relieved. She kept close to me during the baraat. And I loved it. And my friend's elder bhabhi was damn sweet. Everytime she wanted to dance in the baraat, she would hold my hand and start dancing. In the beginning I was avoiding the dance 'coz I wasn't sure what the relatives are going to think. But the entire family's warmth towards me, made me feel at home. Even his father kept his eyes fixed on me and would give a smile every now and then made me feel comfortable. And the eldest brother(did I mention that they are three brothers out of which the middle one was getting married) was just too good. He was so nice to me. Obviously, he had inherited the genes from his mother and father. So there wasn't a doubt about it. Though I did not really get a chance to speak to his brother (who was getting married), but I hope that I will in future.

Sadly, I did not even get a chance to compliment them about the arrangements and the food. It was all too good. It just made the wedding complete.

I wish good luck to the newly married couple. May their life be filled with sunshine, laughter and happiness (Frankly, this is a sentence which I have been using since childhood. Thats all that comes out when I have to wish somebody. I wish I had said something better but I cant really think of anything else.)

PS 1: I hope that they like the gift which I gave them. For people who are so nice, I think they deserve something much better than these materialistic small gifts.

PS 2: There is another wedding lined up. A very close friend is getting married. It is actually the first time when a close friend is getting married. So I am super excited about it. It means that I will be buying some new clothes. But something more motivating will be to fit into my old clothes (not exactly old since I have just worn them once or twice). I gotta loose weight before that. I have just a month in hand... Wish me luck..



Nipun said...

Nice experience.
But i must warn u that people, specially the old ones, wake care of lot like us because they see prospective brides n grooms.
So its kinda confusion.
I myself faced it few days back wen sum aunties were literally TAADING me as if I will marry their daughter.
U just have to look the wrst possible a weddings....:)
8 years is a long tym.
Fun was awaiting u.
great post..


buckingfastard said...

ahh da parents were nice to u...and elder brother was nice to u...and u r da best frnd of dere daughter...

now isnt it a perfect potpourri fr a future match making!!! :)

lucky u...i m jst bak frm a punjabi weddin reception...and my god my body aches....hw can dey hav energy to dance so much...sad i tried to keep up wid dem...

weddings r fun till dey point it is not urs!!!

Chandni.. said...
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Chanz said...

@ Bf: There is a little correction. I am the best friend of their 'son'.. so the possibility of match making does exist after all.. :P

yeah, u r right nipun.. they must be thinking that.. dont know.. Well the truth is that I really wanted to impress them. You know, I had to. And getting married to your best friend is not a bad idea.. :D

oRange* said...

i love shaadis and the whole atmosphere in the house when everyone's preparing for the shaadi :)

chitz said...

i can understand ur feeling and the joy in a shaadi ka ghar..i just attended my cousin's wedding,n it was just was more of like a family reunion..where the scattered family frm all over the world comes together..

Anonymous said...

Oh my my... Shaadi ki baatein :-P

hmmm .. I second what nipun and buckingfastard said.. I'm sure they were seeing a prospective "bahu" in you. And you also wanted to impress them...hmmm.. jab dono taraf se baat pakki hai to..
Shaadi mubarak ho ;) hehe..

Chanz said...

@ Orange : welcome to the group

@ chitz: thats the reason why i love weddings. The whole atmosphere is so vibrant that u tend to fall in love with it...

@ Shivani: Hahaha. Sadly, my folks aren't looking for a match. Nor do I have a boyfriend. So baat kaise karu... How do i tell them... :P

Anonymous said...

Arre talk to the guy first, then have him talk to your parents and have your parents talk to each other and then have the guy's and your parent's talk to each other.. isn't that simple??

Filmy Ishtyle ekdam ;)

Nipun said...

best of luck chanz!!
follow what shivani has just said..

Chanz said...

Hahaha... I just read chetan bhagat's 2 states... I will be a live example of this book... I think chetan bhagat should pay me...

Sorcerer said...

Marriage function..
lots of ppl

How am I gonna bug em all?